9 Ideas to Make More Money Dog Grooming

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1. Answer the phone

This may seem like common sense but answering the phone will make a lot more money for your dog grooming business. Most dog groomers are way too busy to answer the phone which can result in losing a client or missing out on a new one.  

1. Staff

By employing staff this can make more money for your business but staff can also be expensive. Work out if staff are increasing your earnings or not. If you don’t have staff and are thinking of taking staff on. You will most probably need to increase your workload by 3 to warrant employing staff. It’s one to have a good think about.

3. Dog teeth cleaning service

You can add extra services to your dog grooming business which will make more money like dog teeth cleaning. There are different ways of cleaning dogs teeth one is by using an ultrasound. Then you can sell the toothbrushes, dog toothpaste and accessories in dog grooming salon for the owner of the dogs to use at home.

Pet business website

Add all the extra services you offer onto the services page of your website. By doing this you won’t have to try to ‘sell’ your service in the dog grooming salon. This is because your clients will be aware of what you offer from the website and will ask questions about it rather than you having to push it.  


4. Dog walking service

If you are starting a dog grooming business it will probably be slow to start off. Offer a dog walking service on your website to bring in more money while you are building up your client base for dog grooming. The dogs you walk may just need grooming or even a bathing too. 


5. Nail clipping

Clip dogs nails as part of a groom. But also add just dog nail clipping as a walk in service and again add this to the services page on your dog grooming website.

6. Wash your own dog service

Washing your own dog bath service is becoming quite popular with pet shops and dog groomers. Where they provide a dog bath which you can pay to use. It’s just like taking your car to the car wash and washing it yourself. The dog bathing service is the same, bear in mind what you will have to provide to set this up. This is a very good way to make more money with dog grooming.

7. Dog Ultrasound scanning

Dog Ultrasound scanning is a service which can be provided after training. Buy a scanner and offer the service to dog breeders to see if their bitches are in whelp. Lots of people breed dogs. Again add this service to your dog grooming website services page. 

8. Home dog boarding

If you are grooming dogs from home then providing home dog boarding may be worth a look at. A lot of people don’t like the idea of their dogs having to stay in boarding kennels. You will need a license from the local authorities to provide this service but if you are already working from home this is worth looking into. It will make a lot more money and the dogs boarding will no doubt need grooming when they depart.

9. Sell photo prints of the dogs

Dog photography is so popular and everyone loves photos of their dogs. After the groom photos can be sold as prints or even digital downloads easily by using a photo sharing website. Just apply a price list to the gallery of images of the dog groomed and share the gallery to the dog’s owner. This is easy to do from the website

Dog Photographer

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