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December 2018 – The Hydrobath Pro Ultra Review By Rebecca Goutorbe. When I was looking into buying a Hydrobath I couldn’t find a review for Redcape’s Hydrobath that is why I wrote this review. 
 Redcape don’t pay me to write about the bath.
I love the bath and I like sharing helpful information about quality products that help you do a job, work well and make your job easier. 

What is a dog Hydrobath?

A dog hydrobath is a combination professional dog bath, a dog bath and very powerful shower all in one. There are two water tanks within the hydrobath, one with pure clean water and the other tank has a shampoo and water mix. The pump system built into the bath makes the shower head so powerful that the mix of shampoo and water penetrates the dogs coat getting right to the skin helping remove any dry dead skin cells and other materials that can be hard to get rid of, this is especially good for dogs with longer and thicker coats providing superior bathing and cleansing. The shampoo mix water is recycled then you switch to the clean water tank to rinse the dog. A simple concept but an excellent dog bathing machine for getting dogs clean. The Hydrobath is so easy to move from one location to another you can see why it’s a winner for mobile dog groomers.

The Hydrobath from Redcape

dog hydrobath

Why the 'Hydrobath Pro Ultra' from Redcape'

I love clean dogs!
I have groomed dogs for a number of years in different ‘set ups’ along the way from a make shift grooming room in a garage, to a room within kennels, rooms which were not set up correctly for grooming dogs. By this I mean freezing cold conditions when it came to winter, baths which were make do, positioned too high which is great once the dog is in the bath, but if that dog was a big dog which didn’t want to get in the bath you were in trouble, back breaking!! Water supplies which had no presssure, you would have to wait ages to get the temperature right wasting time and water in the process. On top of this because of the height of the dog in the bath you would get soaked too. When you are in a cold room stood drying a dog in your wet clothes it is not much fun. This is no good for you or the dog and in time you if you keep repeating this process it will do you no good long term.  

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Professional dog grooming salon equipment

When I decided to set up my dog grooming business again after my Son came along, the only way I was going to do the grooming again was by having a decent set up.

I did some research into dog baths, came across ‘The Hydrobath’ there are a few dog grooming equipment suppliers out there selling the hydrobath, but Redcape just stood out as the best and the original makers of the bath. I looked at the price did a bit of dreaming, then thought why not! It sounds perfect for what I want, you can even buy wheels so you can move it about.


I got in touch with Redcape and ordered a Hydrobath, you get a choice of colours there’s a wide range of colours but typical me I had a vision and a particular colour in mind which they didn’t have on the chart. I had the hex code for the colour and Redcape ordered the paint. I was asked a number of times “are you sure about the colour?” Yes I said.
 All the baths are made to order, and most of the baths they make are bright coloured to match bright dog grooming salon’s.


About 6 weeks I had to wait for my hydrobath to be made it was a really busy time of the year when I orderd the bath. I think the usual wait time is about 4 weeks. Sometimes you can hit it right, if you don’t mind what colour bath you have you can end up with your bath within a week, this happened to a friend of mine.
My Bath arrived a day or two before I opened the new salon, which was perfect. I remember it arriving the hydrobath came out the van and wow! wow! wow! Its was just what I expected a massive posh dog bath. Although the bath is big it fits through a door fine, we just pushed it through on the wheels into place. You only need an outside cold tap to connect a hosepipe up to then the hosepipe connects to the back of the bath to fill the tank up. We needed to connect up a drain pipe to back of the bath and then plug it in and wait for it to heat up. 

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K9 Hydrobath

 The bath takes about 45 minutes to warm up first thing in the morning its quicker if the room is warm. I’ve got a plug in timer and I set the bath to come on an hour before I arrive. 
The pressure from the shower head is like a jet wash for dogs it’s powerful, but you can turn it down. The water temperature is a constant heat while bathing the dog which is how bathing a dog should be. You don’t waste water at all, or use that much either. A five litre bottle of shampoo seems to last forever. The bath is what I expected and more I love it.

I am glad I got the wheels which are bought separately, I also purchased the small dog rinser too. I don’t use the small dog rinser I never feel as though I need too as the bath comes with a large and small door, the small door is fine to use for little dogs. 
The only time I use the small dog rinser is to stand on to bath Travis my English Setter who won’t turn around in the bath so I can’t reach over him without standing on the rinser.

hydrobath K9 Dog grooming
professional dog bath review

Redcape Hydrobath

I have had my Hydrobath nearly three years now and I haven’t had any trouble with it.

New clients are always amazed by it when they arrive.

Is it worth the £2,450? Yes every penny.
For more information on the Hydrobath Pro Ultra visit

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