How to make money with a dog grooming business

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By Rebecca Goutorbe

I’ve been a dog groomer for over 30 years. How to make money with a dog grooming business is pretty easy to do I think. The 3 steps below explain why 

You need dogs to groom

A dog grooming business succeeds by getting client dogs into your dog grooming business. Then by repeat bookings every 6 to 8 weeks you will build up your clientele of grooming dogs to easily make money with a dog grooming business. It sounds very simple and is, if you can groom dogs to a high standard. 

Listen to the owner of the dog

By listening to the owners of the dogs which come to your dog grooming business and communicating with them your dog grooming business will continue to thrive and grow. This is because if the owner of the dog gets what they have requested grooming wise for example their dog 

how to make money with a pet grooming business

The dog owner will then continue to visit one particular dog groomer on a regular basis which will usually be for the rest of the dog’s life. This sounds like common sense, but for many dog groomers they miss the point of listening to the dog owner’s requests. Which results in the dog owner trying out different dog groomers until they get exactly what they want their dog to look like. Hence the original dog groomer who didn’t listen to the owners request has now lost out on a lot of income. I told you it was easy.


The dog grooming client’s dog is their dog not yours. Give the owner what ‘they’ want style wise. Ask the dog owner “Are you happy with how your dog looks, is that the style you wanted?” If not, sort out the problem there and then. This is how you make money with a dog grooming business.

Create an online presence

Starting a dog grooming business you will need a dog grooming website to create an online presence for your business. The website should bring in your new client dogs for grooming. Your job is to keep the dog owner happy, then they will return with the dog. That is how you make money with a dog grooming business. A dog grooming business website should stay online so your contact details are easily available. Your dog grooming services can be viewed through the website which will also increase your income over time.
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