How to make a dog grooming website

With SmugMug

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How to make a dog grooming website using SmugMug.
This free guide is perfect for either a start up dog grooming business or an already established dog groomers. It doesn’t matter if you groom dogs from home, have a dog grooming salon or are a mobile dog groomer. 
Follow the free guide and get your dog business online the quick and easy way.

Dog Groomers Websites

By using SmugMug your dog grooming website will look professional, be easy to update and won’t cost the earth. 
You don’t need any technical experience to be able to make the website. No codes are required.
SmugMug is not free, but is not expensive either. The annual price of SmugMug is equivalent to 2 small dogs groomed!! That is all it will cost you per year.
For that price  you can have a stunning professional looking website online in no time.   
Not only that if you follow my free guide the website will work online to bring in dog grooming clients and enquires. 

Start your dog grooming business website

As soon as you have decided that you are going to set up a dog grooming business. Get the website, a Facebook page and a Google my business listing set up. It doesn’t matter if you don’t open for another 2 weeks or a month get these started. 
If you already have a business but don’t have all three then make a start setting them up. 


Home grooming

I did just this as I set up K9 Dog Grooming a month before I opened. From doing this got bookings for grooming dogs which a couple of the dogs I groomed at home because the grooming room wasn’t ready. The others waited for the new salon to open.


Ready to a learn how to make a dog grooming website with SmugMug
Follow the free guide below
Or follow the full video guide >>>

Step 1. Get started

To get started building your dog grooming business website sign up to SmugMug free.  
You can try SmugMug FREE for 14 days and no credit card details are required just an email address.
All you need to build just a website with SmugMug is the Power Plan. The Power Plan is what you will be using on the 14 day free trial >

Step 2. Upload your photos

Hit the big green button and upload your dog grooming photos which you will be using on your website to a SmugMug gallery. 
If your are just starting out as a dog groomer you may not have any or many photos. Just use stock photos. Stock photos are not expensive 1 photo is about £7 or 3 photos for £20 which are great quality and can make your website look professional.  

Photographers photo sharing platform

SmugMug is a photographers photo sharing platform, which means its geared up for photos and lots of them. Your dog grooming photos are going to be displayed better with SmugMug than they would be by using any other website platform. 
You don’t need an expensive camera for on the dog grooming table dog grooming photos.

SmugMug mobile phone app

A mobile phone will be fine for photographing grooming dogs and the photos can be easily uploaded to a SmugMug gallery. This is done via the free SmugMug mobile phone app. It’s dead easy to use and your phone photos get backed up and stored at the same time.

Step 3. Set up the contact form

The contact form for your dog grooming website is already set up. You just need to check the email address is correct to receive your emails. And add a photo which will appear on the contact form. The photo you add will also be your profile picture for your SmugMug account. 

Edit my profile

From anywhere on the website when you are logged in. 
In the top right corner profile pic, or place for a profile picture. 
Click on it and it will reveal a drop down menu. 
Click on Edit My Profile
Here is where you can check or change the email address and add a photo. 


Step 4. Choose a free website template

Choose a free website template which will work as your dog grooming website template. 

You need to be at the front of the website.
The Photo Site Homepage
At the top right again underneath your profile photo. There are 3 dots in a vertical line. 
Click on those dots this will bring another dropdown menu up.

SmugMug templates

Then Click on New Site Design 
This will take you through to all SmugMug’s free website templates.
There are 21 different designs to choose from. Deco is a great template if you don’t have much information to start with. To change the photo on the Deco design you need Customize then background to choose a new photo.
All the website template designs can be customised the same way if you prefer to use different template.
To view all the SmugMug templates click here >

free dog websites

Step 5. Create the pages for your website

Easily create the pages for your dog grooming website. 
To create pages with SmugMug you need to be in the Organise area. 
Click Organise in the top bar this will take you through to the organise area.
In the top left corner click create 
Then from the dropdown menu click web page
There are 10 different page types to choose from with SmugMug including a blank page to work from which is a custom page.

Pages to use on your dog grooming website

Ideally the pages you will need for your website will be an

How to customise a SmugMug website

All the pages can be easily customised the same way.
You will need to be on the Photo site in the top bar click Photo site
Then click Customize
To add content blocks to your page simply drag and drop the content blocks from the customise panel at the side. Content blocks are blocks like the text, photos, videos and the social media buttons.

Step 6. Customise the homepage

Again to customise the homepage simply drag and drop the content blocks which you would like to use onto the homepage. 
Once all your pages to the dog grooming website are made then designing the homepage it will be easier.

Step 7. Add a logo

If you don’t have a logo for your dog grooming business yet don’t worry. 
Again you need to be on the Photo site click Customise 
In the header
the top part of the website there will be the title to your website. Hover over the title it will change red click on the wrench icon to edit.
If you have logo click on Image in the edit box. Then choose your logo to use. 
If you don’t have a logo choose a photo which you have uploaded into a SmugMug gallery. Then change the shape to a circle or rounded square. This can work really well and then add your business name in the basic section under text.

Step 8. Set up the navigation menu

Again you need to be on the Photo site click Customise
In the header
the top part of the website this time look for the menu.
Hover over the menu it will change red click on the wrench icon to edit. 
This where you can add all the pages you have created into the menu.
Basic is where you can change the style and size of text of the menu.
Links is where you add all your pages into the menu or any URL’s. Hit the plus button at the bottom to add in the pages you have created one by one.
To re-arrange the order of the menu drag and drop the items. 

Step 9. Remove the SmugMug logo

Your website will have the SmugMug logo at the top. A black bar with the SmugMug logo, this can easily be removed.
Go to the PHOTO SITE.
Then click CUSTOMISE in the top bar. 
In the top bar again you need Design settings.
Here is where you can remove the SmugMug logo by switching off the SmugMug header.

Note – While you are logged in to your SmugMug account the SmugMug logo header will always be there. 
Log out your SmugMug account to view your website without the SmugMug logo.

Step 10. Create an online photo gallery

You need a photo gallery on your dog grooming website. 
This will be one of the most viewed pages on a dog groomers website. 

Photo collage

To add a photo gallery to the website. Choose the page type portfolio. There are 3 styles to choose from to display your dog grooming photos. The page type Portfolio, photo collage would work best for dog groomers. Once you have lots of dog grooming photos use 2 pages. Create 1 page as a photo gallery and use another page for before and after grooming. 
Or just create a custom page and then drag and drop the one of the 4 photo content blocks. Either single photo, multiple photos, slideshow or the carousel.

Step 11. Change the colours of the website

Once all your pages have been made, and you have followed all the other steps in the guide. Your dog grooming website is nearly ready the next step fill in the SEO boxes is very important don’t miss that step. 
This step number 11, how to change the colours of the website is the fun part. Especially if you are a dog groomer.  
The colours of the SmugMug website templates can easily be changed. 

website design for pet businesses

Dog grooming salon colour scheme

Creative dog grooming website ideas.
You can change the colours of the website to match your salon.
Go bold, bright and wild with the colour scheme. 
The homepage on a SmugMug website can be one set of colours and then the rest of the website can be another.
It is brilliant for pet groomers websites.

Step 12. Fill in the SEO boxes.

It is really important to fill in the SEO boxes on your website. 
SEO means search engine optimisation. Filling in these easy to use boxes which SmugMug provide will help your dog grooming website appear in the right place on the internet. 
Go to account settings in the drop down menu in the top right corner then find, discovery and then search.
Fill in the boxes in the SmugMug SEO settings section.
By filling in the SEO boxes this will help your website to turn up in the right place online in the search results.
This will bring in new clients and enquires to your dog grooming business. 
More information on SmugMug SEO here >

View how to make a dog grooming website in the video above. 
A total beginners guide to building a website with SmugMug easy step by step guide video >>>

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