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Create the pages for your website

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Step 5. Create the pages for your website

Step 5 from the free guide How to make a dog grooming website using SmugMug. 
How to create the pages for your dog grooming websites. 
Once you are on the 14 day free trial, have uploaded your photos and chosen your free website template you are ready to make the pages.  

You can easily create pages for your dog grooming websites with SmugMug.
You will need to be in the ORGANIZE area. In the top left corner find and click the + button.
Choose Web page this is a page you can customise for any purpose.
There are 10 different page types to choose from including a blank page which is a custom page.
Easily just drag and drop content blocks onto your pages from the SmugMug customize panel.

Pages to use on your dog grooming website

Ideally the pages you will need to create for your dog grooming website will be


The about page is about your pet business and you. What sets you apart from the other businesses in your area doing the same job. And what background information do you have which you can add to the about page. This will make clients want to use you and your business instead of anyone else. Also do you have or are you working towards any qualifications within your section of the pet industry. 

There are 3 different styles to choose from to use as an about page with SmugMug or use a custom page. 


What services does your dog grooming business provide? 
Are you going to add prices to the services page or prices from?
The pricing page type list is perfect for listing all the dog grooming services you provide.
Simply add a photo from your SmugMug photo gallery. Then change the text to explain the service you offer.


If you do have staff, then it is a good idea to have a nice photo and some information about each of the staff members which work for you and list what their interests are, their qualifications and what pets they own.
The page type pricing again will work well for this use either the list or banner page type.

Blog or news

Start a dog grooming blog on your website, easily use a custom page to write a blog and add photos too.
You can write a blog about anything dog grooming competitions, courses you may go on the list is endless.
Or use a page for news and keep up to date news and information for clients to see on there. 


You don’t need to create a contact page if you would like to keep the website simple. SmugMug have created the contact form. If you would like to make a contact page to add more information to the website just create another page.  

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