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Create a dog grooming website

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Step 1. Choose a platform

To start you need a website platform to host your dog groomers website on the internet.
Here are four different website platforms to choose from. 

My favourite, a photographers photo sharing platform. Perfect if you have loads and loads of dog grooming photos to display. Create a stunning portfolio of your dog grooming photos. You also get unlimited photo storage within the plan.

See free guide how to build a dog grooming website using SmugMug >>

Divi Dog Grooming by Elegant Themes. 
You will need WordPress to use Divi. But Divi do have a pre made dog grooming website template to work from, photos and icons to use once you get started.

Weebly have website templates to work from, it is easy to use and used by many.
You can also build an online shop really quickly with Weebly. Which is handy if you want to sell dog grooming shampoo, pet perfume and dog accessories online. You can make a pet shop website too.
It is completely free to start a just a website with Weebly. 

I have a free guide how to start a free website 

Like my favourite SmugMug, Zenfolio is geared towards photographers although it’s not like SmugMug all. Because you only get a tiny amount of photo storage.
But for us dog groomers Zenfolio is perfect, there’s enough photo storage for a few dog grooming photos. It’s really cheap, the website templates are very easy to use and really nice!! 
Check out Zenfolio for yourself here >>

Step 2. Start your free trial

Once you have decided which website platform will suit your dog grooming business the best, start a free trial.

Step 3. Choose your photos

A dog grooming website needs photos of dogs groomed in your salon for example purposes of what to expect when using your dog grooming business services.
There is no harm using a few stock photos for your website, but just don’t try and fool anyone by using amazing photos of groomed dogs which you haven’t groomed, you will get caught out.

Step 4. Create content

By creating content for the website, you will give visitors to website all the information they need to know about your business. 
Add extra content by adding a blog in time.  

Start a dog grooming blog

Start a dog grooming blog on your website, easily use a blank page to write a blog and add photos too.
You can write a blog about anything dog grooming competitions, courses you may go on the list is endless.
Or use a page for news and keep up to date news and information for clients to see on there.

Step 5. Pages for the website

Ideally the pages you will need on your dog grooming website will be


The about page is about your pet business and you. What sets you apart from the other businesses in your area doing the same job. And what background information do you have which you can add to the about page. This will make clients want to use you and your business instead of anyone else. Also do you have or are you working towards any qualifications within your section of the pet industry. 


What services does your dog grooming business provide? 
Are you going to add prices to the services page or prices from?


If you do have staff, then it is a good idea to have a nice photo and some information about each of the staff members which work for you and list what their interests are, their qualifications and what pets they own.


You always need a contact form or page on a website so new clients can make enquiries, book in and existing clients can book too. 

Step 6. Add social media links

Add your social media accounts into your website. This way visitors to your website can go straight to your Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms. Also add your website address into your social media account settings. 
With Zenfolio you can add your Instagram feed into your website. So photos you post on Instagram will appear on your website. This is great for keeping up to date photos visible on your website without having to update the website. Really easy to set up too, just connect your Instagram account up. 

Step 7. Check contact details

Always check that your contact details are correct. The email address and your phone number, so when you get the enquiries they come to the right place. 

Step 8. Publish Site

Once you are happy with the whole website just hit publish and your website will be live online. 

Step 9. Share

Share your website with your friends, share on social media and use the website address on your business cards and other marketing materials. 

Start your dog grooming website

Need help?

Need help setting up your dog grooming website?
I can set up a 5 page SmugMug dog grooming website for you to get you started.
This includes the SEO to help your business get found in your local area.
Price £349, get in touch for a chat.

For a WordPress website price’s start from £1200 

This blog post may be for you.
There is lots of information about setting up a business within the pet industry here >>>

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