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Rebecca Goutorbe

Rebecca Goutorbe

Qualifications -

Dog grooming salon Tansley Matlock

A dog groomer for a long time! The dog grooming salon at Tansley Matlock has been open for nearly 5 years now. I have been involved in the dog world and a Setter owner for over 35 years, starting with Irish Setters as a young junior handler. After finishing school I went to residential college for 3 years to gain my qualifications in Animal Care, Kennel & Cattery Management and Dog Grooming. 

English Setter grooming

The dog grooming I specialise in is the Setter, Spaniel and Gundog breeds. But I am an all breed dog groomer. I have links to the Setter grooming pages here –

K9 Dog Grooming Tansley Matlock

Show dogs

My English Setter show dogs came along around 20 years ago ‘Redhara Setters. Since then I have ‘made up’ 7 UK Show Champions. Won numerous top awards at dog shows, including many first prizes at Crufts. I have also Judged dog shows in the UK and abroad. Over my 30 years of experience of grooming I have groomed many dogs, from family pets to Crufts winning show dogs.

K9 Dog Grooming Tansley Matlock

Kennels & Cattery

Previously I owned a successful dog grooming parlour, a busy local boarding kennel and Cattery. I love cats, but I am not a cat groomer, it is just dogs I groom.  

Dog photography

An award winning dog photographer, and a qualified member of the Guild of Photographers.  I have photographed for the UK Kennel Club on many occasions. Including the Working Gundog events at Chatsworth and the Championships. From doing the Kennel Club photography is where my love of the Working Cocker Spaniels came from. Which led to photographing HM The Queen at the Cocker Spaniel Championships 2018 at the Sandringham Estate.


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The dog grooming salon

In the past I have groomed in a few too many very poorly designed grooming rooms. My Mum’s bathroom, a garage and a great big barn. All which were home dog grooming salons.

Dog grooming salon from home

The dog baths were too high, and the water works didn’t work very well at all. Rooms which were freezing cold in the winter, the list is endless to the poor design features which is no good for the dog or groomer. Although the dogs still looked amazing after the groom and the show dogs still won big at shows, those kind of set ups were not ideal.

K9 Dog Grooming Tansley Matlock

Dog grooming salon set up

When I set up K9 Dog Grooming at Tansley 5 years ago, I had learnt a few lessons in life. I made sure that this time my dog grooming room was set up properly.  I invested in a dog Hydrobath which has been worth every penny.

Redcape Hydrobath for dogs

It has a removable front door which is great for getting the bigger dogs into the bath. The high powered shower head is excellent and the water temperature is set at a constant heat setting. You get immediate hot water when required. No time or water is wasted trying to get the temperature right. It is a total luxury when bathing a dog.

K9 Dog Grooming Tansley Matlock

Pet dogs, show dogs

Pet dogs or show dogs, all dogs love to have a good run, get dirty and will need grooming. Over the years I have had a lot of my own English Setter dogs. At one point I had 11. In total all together I had around 30 or more show type English Setters to groom, (sort of jointly owned.) 

Breed standard dog grooming

Which is why I think I can call myself a breed specialist dog groomer for the Setters. Though when you have a lot of dogs of a similar age they all tend to go over the rainbow bridge around the same time, one after another. I just have one English Setter left at present who comes to the salon every day.   

K9 Dog Grooming Tansley Matlock
K9 Dog Grooming Tansley Matlock
K9 Dog Grooming Tansley Matlock
K9 Dog Grooming Tansley Matlock
K9 Dog Grooming Tansley Matlock
K9 Dog Grooming Tansley Matlock

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