Irish Setter Grooming

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Irish Setter Haircut

Irish Setter grooming Derbyshire, Rebecca Goutorbe (Redhara). Looking for a dog groomer for your Irish Red Setter? I offer a ‘One to One’ dog grooming service for the Setter breeds. A breed specialist dog groomer for English Setters and the Irish Setter.

Irish setter grooming Derbyshire

Irish Setter Grooming prices

The price for Irish Setter grooming is from £55. This is for the family pet Irish Setter, I can’t take on any more show dogs for grooming. Bitches are usually a little bit cheaper than dogs, because of the size of the dog and the amount of coat some of the males can have. 

Irish setter grooming uk
Irish setter grooming
Irish setter grooming

How often do you need to groom an Irish Setter?

A good brush out every day ideally for most coated breeds of dog is needed. I usually give my Setter a good brush through once a week. To keep on top of trimming, cutting the dog hair. Your Irish Setter can be trimmed as often as you like if you are doing this yourself. A show dog will be trimmed every week or for every show they are going to. 

Irish setter grooming

How often do you need to visit the dog groomers with an Irish Setter?

Visiting the dog groomer with your Irish Red Setter will vary. I have Irish Setters which come every 10 weeks for a grooming appointment and some which come every 3 to 4 months.  

How to groom an Irish Setter

Grooming the Irish Setter doesn’t require lots of dog grooming tools. If you have a good pair of thinning scissors and a pair of straight scissors. You have all you need to give an Irish Setter a hair cut.  But regular dog brushing will help with the coat maintenance. Brushing under the armpits and inside the hind legs especially. Only cut –

Irish setter grooming

Do not cut the feathering underneath or on the legs. The Irish Setter when trimmed is supposed to look tidy but not over trimmed. If you cut the feathering the appearance of the dog will look completely unbalanced. 

Dog grooming tools for Irish Setters

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