FREE dog website templates

Free dog grooming website templates

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Step 4. Choose a free website template

Step 4 from the free guide How to make a dog grooming website using SmugMug.
Choose a free dog website template.
Once you have signed up to SmugMug, are on the 14 day free trial
and have uploaded your photos.
You will be ready to choose a free website template this will easily work as your dog grooming website template.

Find the free website templates

You will need to be on the Photo Site of your SmugMug website. Look in the top right corner the are 3 dots in a vertical line under the profile photo.
Click on the three dots this will bring the drop down menu up. 
Choose New Site Design.
This will take you through to all the free website templates.

Choose a design

There are over 21 free website templates to choose from with SmugMug. 
All the templates can easily be customised. By adding a few dog grooming photos to a SmugMug website template you can create a dog grooming website in minutes. 
The template Deco is a simple template and ideal if you are just setting up your dog grooming business. 
The slideshow on the background of the template can easily be changed to just a single photo. 

SmugMug website template Duke

The free SmugMug website template Duke is a great template with a sticky header at the top. I have used this template for my show dogs website 

Preview the design

If you hover over the templates you can then click preview to preview the design.
If you would like to use the template then click choose this design.

Customise the website template

Once you have decided which template you would like to use. Then click customise to customise the template. 
Down the side of your screen you will have the SmugMug customise panel this is the SmugMug website builder.
Within the customize panel are the following

Content blocks

Here is where you will have the options to add the content blocks, which are the photos, videos, text and more. 
Simply add the content blocks to the template by drag and drop method.


The theme is the look and style of website. Easily click Theme then click the wrench icon to change the colours of the website. Or within the theme area change the whole theme the colours by choosing a different theme. 
There are lots of different pre made themes from SmugMug from textures, colours, patterns and more to choose from.
You can not break SmugMug try out the different Themes.  


The background is where you can change the type of background. You can us a slideshow, video or photo as a the background if you wish. Or just leave the background a solid colour. 


In the layout section of the customise panel is where you can change the website or page layout. 
A fixed layout on the website will give you space down the sides. The size of the space can be changed by changing the size the width.
A Stretchy layout will make the website full width on your screen. 
A side bar can also be added to the website if you wish, just switch on the side bar.

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