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K9 Dog Grooming

A fully insured all breed professional dog grooming salon based at Tansley in the Matlock area of Derbyshire.
Working on a one to one basis with your dog.
A Gundog and Setter specialist groomer with over 30 years experience, I have groomed many dogs from family pets to Crufts winning show dogs.

Dog Grooming Services Matlock

dog groomers matlock

Pet grooming

General pet grooming. A tidy up, de-shed the hairs, a trim or clip for your pet dog. A short cut, manageable style or even the shave off. Includes a bath, blow dry, a nail trim and ear check plus pet perfume.

Prices start from £35
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dog grooming matlock

Hydrobath for dogs

The pro dog hydrobath from Redcape the Hydrobath Pro Ultra. 
A professional dog groomers bath, which is what is used here at K9 Dog Grooming.

It is amazing how a bath and a good brush can transform a dog. 
Price’s start at £25 for a small dog, for a Labrador sized dog with a short coat the price start’s from £35.
This include’s a blow dry, nail cutting and pet perfume.
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dog grooming matlock

Puppy grooming

Puppy introduction grooming. Starts from around 4 months of age. Includes 

Prices start from £30
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dog groomers matlock

Breed standard grooming

Show trim, show style grooming, grooming to the recognised style for your breed they are all the same.
This service is for all breeds, the pet dog who’s owners would like their dog to resemble the breed which they own.
For this service your dogs coat should be in reasonable condition example matt free, a few knots can be untangled but for a matted coat this service is not possible at the first appointment.
The Cocker Spaniel is an example of a show trim, the dog is not a show dog (he does not go to shows), but resembles breed type and looks like a Cocker Spaniel.

Prices start from £50
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pet grooming matlock

Gundog grooming

Gundog & Setter specialist grooming. How I love grooming Setters & Spaniels. Grooming to the breed standard or keep it natural for the Working Cocker Spaniels and Gundogs the choice is yours. Dog clipping available for a manageable cut. 

Prices start from £35 
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dog groomers matlock

English Setter grooming

Do you own an English Setter?
Have a new puppy?
Would you like your dog to look like a Setter after they have been to the groomers?
Learn more about the dog grooming services I offer for Setter owners here >

Prices start from £55
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irish setter groomers near me

Irish Setter grooming

Irish Setter grooming to the breed standard. Breed specialist grooming more information here – Irish Setter grooming >

dog grooming matlock

Poodle mix breeds

Cockapoo’s, Cavachon’s and including all the Poodle mix cross breeds. 

Working within guidelines of the groomers national average price range, prices start from £50 for Cockapoo’s. Depending on the style required and every dog is different!

Poodle mix breeds should start to be groomed from 4 months of age and will require grooming every 4 to 6, maybe 8 weeks depending on the style required. 
If twice a year grooming is what you have been told by your dog breeder. This will be a full shave off twice a year.
No dog with a thick wool coat can be expected to have a teddy bear style cut by just going to the groomers twice a year. 
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dog groomers matlock

Shave off

The shave off or a really short cut is available.
It can be a manageable cut for some dog owners who ask for this every time, as it last for a while and makes dog grooming more affordable.       
For others there may be no choice but to shave off your dog and start again. Because for some breeds the coat when matted up can be like trying to groom a brillo pad. Those kind of knots will never come out by trying to de matt them. Shaving off the coat is much kinder to the dog.
Don’t worry I have seen it all before, these things happen. In some breeds you will be surprised how quickly the coat grows back. 
There are a few shave off videos I have made on my YouTube channel the most popular is the Working Cocker Spaniel video Monster matts >
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pet groomers matlock

De Matting

Heavily matted dogs will need to be clipped or shaved off. 
A few matts can be de matted and removed with the right de matting tools. But there will be an extra charge from £10 per dog if the de matting required takes longer than usual.
This will be discussed before your dog is groomed. 
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dog grooming matlock

Hand Stripping

Unfortunately hand stripping is no longer available due to how time consuming it can be.  

grooming your dog for shows

Show dog grooming

I don’t take on anyone’s show dog for dog grooming on a continual basis. I’m happy to help any newcomer to the world of dog showing. But I am nobody’s personal dog groomer to their show dogs. 

Showing your dog

Part of the fun of showing dogs is learning over the years. All about your breed and how to present and handle your dog for the show ring.
I have a blog post with a video how to groom an English Setter > 
More dog grooming video’s coming soon to my YouTube channel 

Nail clipping

Nail cutting or cutting the dogs claws is included as standard in a full grooming appointment. You do not need to ask for your dogs nails to be cut it will be done if required. Also you will not be charged extra on the grooming bill for your dogs nails to be clipped as you will find this happens in the large franchise grooming salons more and more.

It should be common dog grooming practice or common sense for your dogs nails to be cut when he is groomed at a dog grooming salon appointment. You should not have to ask for it to be done and charged as ‘add on’ to your dog grooming bill. 

If you are looking ‘just’ for nail clipping for your dog this can be arranged 

Prices start from £10 

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Dog Grooming Tools

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