Spaniel Grooming

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Spaniel dog grooming at K9 Dog Grooming By Rebecca Goutorbe, Tansley, Matlock. Breed standard, breed type professional dog groomers.

Spaniel grooming

Cocker Spaniel grooming

Spaniel grooming

Cocker Spaniel grooming styles

Cocker Spaniel grooming styles for the show bred Cocker Spaniel.

Spaniel grooming
Spaniel grooming
Spaniel grooming

Working Cocker Spaniel grooming

More information about Working Cocker Spaniel grooming 

Springer Spaniel grooming

Just like within the Cocker Spaniel breed, with Springer Spaniels you will get the 

Difference between the show type and Working Spaniels

The two main differences between the show type Springer Spaniel and Working Springer Spaniels. Are usually the size of the dog and the amount of hair the dogs have. The show type Springers are usually a bigger and heavier dog, (heavier in bone). With a thicker coat especially on the ears. Whereas the Working type Springer Spaniels are usually smaller in build with a lighter coat, unless the dog is neutered. If so the coat will thicken up and go very fluffy over time.

Springer Spaniel grooming prices

Prices for grooming the Springer Spaniels can vary from a starting price of £35 to £45. Just because some Springers can be the size of a Working Cocker and some the size of a Setter. Every dog is different. The three Springer Spaniel photo’s below are all the Working type Springers.

Spaniel grooming
Spaniel grooming
Spaniel grooming

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel grooming

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is not part of the Gundog group. Still a Spaniel, and when groomed to the breed standard looks very Spaniel type in looks like the rest of the Spaniel family. The Cavalier now belongs to the Toy group of dogs. 

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel grooming styles

Cavalier Dog Grooming
Cavalier Groomers
Cavalier King Charles dog grooming

Grooming tools for Spaniels

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