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Upload to SmugMug gallery via mobile phone app

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Step 2. Upload your photos

Step 2 from the free guide how to make a dog grooming website using SmugMug.
Upload your dog grooming photos to a SmugMug gallery.
Once you have signed up to SmugMug on the 14 day free trial login to your account to upload photos.

Upload photos to SmugMug gallery

To upload your dog grooming photos to a SmugMug gallery hit the big green button UPLOAD.
By pressing the green upload button you will be given the option to either.

Upload into a new gallery

To upload into a new SmugMug gallery a gallery will be presented in front of you which needs the settings adjusting to suit what you are using the gallery for. 
The gallery settings take seconds to adjust but a lot longer to explain.
To follow the free guide to make a dog grooming website follow the settings below.



You need to give your SmugMug gallery a title.
The title needs to be readable this will help your dog grooming photos get found online. 
For example a title like, your business name, then photos.
The title ‘gallery 1’ wouldn’t work as well in the search results. 


A description of what is on the photos in the gallery needs to go in the description box.


Keywords relevant to your photos need to go in the keyword box separated by a comma.
Example dog, grooming, 

Security & Sharing


Visibility needs to be set to PUBLIC so everyone can see the photos when you put them on the website

Photo Protection

Download Buttons

Switch the download buttons OFF
Keep it simple and leave the download buttons off so no-one can download your photos from your gallery.


It is up to you if you would would like comments on your photos but I would just switch the comments OFF.
Leave the Sharing Options ON.


Switch the shopping cart OFF 
This is especially important if you have stock photos in your gallery. Because you can not re-sell the stock photos. With the stock photos you get a licence to use them on your website, flyers etc but you can’t sell the photos. 
You can sell your own photos through SmugMug but you need the Portfolio or Pro account to be able to do it. 

That is all the settings you need for the gallery then click Create and upload your photos.   
To find your SmugMug gallery again you need to be in the Organize area. 

Into existing gallery

If you would like to add photos into a gallery you have already created click into an existing gallery. This will take you back through to all your galleries so you can choose a gallery to upload your photos to. 

Upload Folders

This is where you can upload folders from your computer to SmugMug if you have lots of photos to upload. 

SmugMug FREE mobile phone app

Download the free SmugMug mobile phone app and get all your mobile phone photos into the SmugMug storage area. 
Your mobile phone photo galleries are set to private by default.  
To get your dog grooming photos from your phone into a SmugMug gallery you have created. Find the photos which you would like to use on the website.  Click on the photos which you want to use from your phone gallery in SmugMug then drag across to the gallery which you would like the photos to go in.


Here you will get a choice MOVE or COLLECT.
MOVE the photos into the gallery you would like. 
By doing this the photos will vanish from the original phone gallery, but the photos will still be on your actual phone. And the photos are still in the SmugMug storage because they are in another gallery.  All you have done is moved them.

Dog grooming stock photos

Dog grooming stock photos to use on your dog grooming website.

dog groomers stock photos
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