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Best online photo storage for pet photos, family photos, holiday snaps and more. 
We all take hundreds and thousands of photos of pets. Most of us pet lovers probably take more photos of our pets than we do our family. But our pets are part of the family aren’t they. 
Puppies, kittens and all pets grow up quick and we want to catch every moment they are here with us. The first walk in the park, days out, the first me and my dog or cat selfie, and the first time the pup destroys the house.
Mobile phone cameras are so advanced now you don’t always need a professional photographers digital camera to get a great a photo of your pet. 

But thats the thing when it comes to finding ‘that great photo’ they are never that easy to find because the photos are not organised and stored properly. You can spend an hour just looking for one photo sometimes. Checking every USB you have, your external hard drive through all the little blue folders. Then if you still can’t find ‘that photo’ you wonder if you took the photo on your phone.
It can become frustrating looking for photos especially when you have more than one dog, a cat and also family photos too which you are searching through. 

Best Online Photo Storage

The simple solution to this is the best online photo storage which is SmugMug.
The photo storage is not expensive at all.
In fact it is one of the cheapest online photo storage on the market for 2021 and the storage is unlimited uploads.

SmugMug is so easy to use but there are a lot of features to it.
I have used SmugMug for over 5 years now you can read about it in my review

You really don’t need to over complicate SmugMug, just hit upload and upload your images. 
Below lists the powerful features and information about storing your photos with SmugMug, some features you may want to use and others you may not.   
If you just want to know how to get started organising and storing your pet photos forever click here >> 

Unlimited Photo Uploads

Unlimited photo uploads means that there is no limit to the number of photos and videos which you can upload to your online photo storage.
Some digital cameras now will produce each image at around 50 MB. So it doesn’t take long to fill up USB’s, external hard drives and your computer memory with files that size. 
But with SmugMug their photo is storage is unlimited photo and video uploads. So you will never need to worry about having to upgrade a plan for more storage. 
Use the free apps to set up automatic upload from your phone or computer.

No compression on downloads

For those that understand what compression is within photography and your images. There is no compression on your downloads from SmugMug.
When you decide to download a photo or photos back out from the storage there is no compression on your image. SmugMug do not compress your images to save space in the photo storage.
There is no ‘catch’ to why the photo storage from SmugMug is unlimited.

If you don’t know what compression is on a photo here is an example. 
When you upload a photo to Facebook and then try to download the photo, the photo gets compressed which you download.
This means that when you upload a poster sized photo to Facebook expect a postage stamp sized photo in return when you download the photo back off Facebook.
That is compression, they have squeezed the nice big photo file that you uploaded into a tiny one. Which is why trying to store your images on Facebook is not a good idea. 

SmugMug DO NOT do this, what file size image you upload is exactly what you download back.

If the file size does not seem important to you, when you come to print a photo or use a photo for a website or marketing leaflets or any other reason. The bigger the file size of the photo you want to use the better for working with and if the file size is too small it will not print very well for a start. 

Cloud Secured Photo Storage

With SmugMug’s photo storage you can easily upload and securely store your pet photos online with their cloud secured photo storage. It is so easy to get organised with all those photos you have too.
All your photos are stored in online galleries, then you can easily put your galleries into folders to get your photos really organised.

Privately Store Photos Online

Your photos which are stored in the online galleries can be stored completely private or you can even share the galleries with your friends or family privately on an unlisted link. This means no one will see your photos unless you give them the link. 

Order Prints Online

Order prints straight from your photo galleries, which saves you going down to Boots to order prints each time you want a photo printing. The print labs SmugMug use are leading professional print labs for professional photographers so the prints are amazing quality and a great price too. 

How to get started with SmugMug

You can try SmugMug free for 14 days and you don’t need to give credit card details either. Just sign up with your name, email address and a password.
Click through to start your online photo storage free trial with SmugMug and save 15% off any new plan >>>

How to upload photos to SmugMug

Once you have signed up you are ready to start uploading your photos into the online storage. Click upload and upload your photos from your computer, from a USB stick or from an external drive. 
Download the free apps and set up automatic uploading. 

Download Free Apps For Uploading Photos Online

Download the free SmugMug apps and start automatic uploading. 
There are free apps for Mac and Windows for your desktop or mobile. 
If you use Adobe Lightroom get the free SmugMug plugin for Adobe Lightroom to upload images and create galleries.

Create Online Photo Galleries

All the photos you store with SmugMug are kept in galleries. You can have as many galleries as you like there is no limit. 
In a gallery there can be just one photo or thousands the choice is yours. 

The galleries which you store the photos in have settings.


First you need to give your gallery a title. This can be anything you like, your pets name, or place you visited etc. The title can be changed at any time.
Then you need to set the privacy settings to the gallery.
Either private, unlisted or public and you can also add a password to the gallery. By adding a password to your gallery your gallery will be password protected for extra security. 

best online photo storage


Private – Your gallery of photos can be kept completely private and no one but you will see the images.

best online photo storage


Unlisted – Unlisted setting on the gallery means that only anyone with the unlisted link from the gallery can see the images online. The unlisted setting is great for sending photos to family to see, they can also order prints from the gallery too.

best online photo storage


Public – Anyone will see the photos, this is great for sharing your photos on social media. (Although you can share an unlisted gallery on Facebook too).

How To Organise Photos In Online Galleries

How to get your photos organised. 
It is totally up to you how you would like to get organised storing your photos. If you just have one pet then you may like to create lots of galleries titled by the month, year, places you visit or different walks.
Title the gallery so it is obvious what is in the gallery. But you can also add a photo to the cover of the gallery so its dead easy to see straight away what you are looking for.

I have thousands of photos of my own dogs. 
The majority of the photos are of eight different dogs, so they all get their own gallery titled by the dogs name.
There is a gallery for all the dogs videos, a puppy photo gallery and a gallery for pedigrees too. 
All those galleries go into one folder called Redhara Setters Dogs, which lives in the main folder Redhara Setters. 
Having the dogs photos in separate galleries makes it so easy when you are just wanting one particular photo. Just look for the dog and the photo should be in their own gallery, dead easy.   

online photo storage

The great thing about storing the photos at SmugMug is that you can easily move or duplicate the photos. 
If you upload a photo into the wrong gallery you can easily move the photo, by just clicking the photo and dragging into another gallery.
When you want to add more photos to a gallery that is so easy, just upload the photos to an existing gallery. Choose the gallery and upload to it. 

Access stored photos on mobile phone

Once you have the SmugMug app downloaded onto your mobile phone you can access all your stored photos. Add photos to the galleries too straight from your phone.

online photo storage

How to share SmugMug gallery on Facebook

Not only is SmugMug the best online photo storage but it’s also the best for photo sharing online too. 
The video shows how easy it is to share a SmugMug gallery link of photos to Facebook. 
For more information about sharing a SmugMug gallery link click here >>

Free one page website

With the basic plan from SmugMug. Which is the online photo storage. You also get a free one page website. It is up to you if you would like to make use of the free website. If you are going to store your photos completely privately you may not need to use the website.
You can create a website in minutes by using SmugMug, just drag and drop text, photos, videos and other content blocks onto the page. This is ideal as a pet business website if you are wanting to display photos online and get your business contact details out there. 

More how to use SmugMug here >>>

Store raw files online

Store raw files online with SmugMug Source an add on to your SmugMug account.
Read more here >>>

A step by step guide for beginners to set up SmugMug photo storage and a website.

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