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K9 Dog Grooming is a local dog grooming service in the UK by Rebecca Goutorbe a Gundog and Setter specialist dog groomer, who owns English Setter show dogs and who is a dog photographer.
Throughout the dog grooming website you will see the disclosure 

This website contains affiliate links to the products and services I use and recommend, you won’t pay any more for the products and services but I may get a small commission Thank you 

On the website you will see adverts and links to products and services which I use and recommend like these banners below

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When you click on a link or banner on this website my affiliate id is stored in a cookie in your browser

By clicking on the links or banner adverts through to the companies I recommend you won’t pay any more for the products or services if you make a purchase, but I will get a small commission these are called referral fees, Thank you. 

I only recommend on the website and the blog pages companies which I’ve used, use regularly, or have a good knowledge and information to share with you about the products or services which I hope you will find useful. 

By clicking through on my links you won’t pay any more for the products or services. In some cases when you click on the links you can actually save money off the products or services for example with SmugMug if you use my link you can save 15% off any new plan.
I use my SmugMug account all the time for the unlimited secure photo and video storage feature, and for my dog photography I use the private online gallery links feature.
SmugMug websites are really easy to use and you can have a website built in no time.
There is so much I could tell about SmugMug they are brilliant, but you can read my review if you would like to find out more. 

Dog Grooming Equipment Suppliers

Groomers Online

Groomers online the UK’s leading dog grooming suppliers to professional dog groomers and pet owners. 


Wahl have been the leaders in dog clippers for over 100 years, they don’t just make dog clippers though they make hair straightener’s, hairdryers, beard and stubble trimmer for men and more. But also Wahl have their own brand of dog shampoo and conditioner, which includes Dirty Beastie shampoo for dogs. Dirty Beastie has always been my favourite go to dog shampoo I am never without a 5 litre bottle of Dirty Beastie in my salon. It’s free delivery when you spend over £10 with Wahl too.


I think we all know what Amazon is. There is plenty of dog grooming kit on Amazon. You will even find the Groomers Online shampoo and the Wahl dog clippers there too. Dog products and everything else you could need is on Amazon. 

Start a blog

If you are looking to start a blog or build a website you will need web hosting the easiest start up will be with with good value web hosting like SiteGround or bluehost
I have a free guide how to build a dog grooming website with WordPress.

If building your own website seems like too much work and you are looking for a quick set up for a website just start off with a Weebly website, you can set up a free pet business website with Weebly you just have to sign up 

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The Books are CLOSED to any NEW clients except those with the SETTER BREEDS now.
Thank you for visiting the website. 
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