How to remove SmugMug logo

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Step 9. Remove the SmugMug logo

Step 9 from the free guide How to make a dog grooming website using SmugMug. 
How to remove the SmugMug branded logo from the website.
Once you are on the 14 day free trial, have uploaded your photos and chosen your free website template you are ready to make the pages for your website. Then customise the homepage and remove the SmugMug branding.  

Step 1. Login to your SmugMug account

Login to your SmugMug account with the email address and password you created when you started the 14 day free trial. 

Step 2. Go to the Photo Site

Go to the Photo Site this is your homepage of your SmugMug website. If you are in the Organize area where your photos are stored look in the top bar for Photo Site. This will take you through to the Photo Site.

Step 3. Click Customize

Next once you are on the Photo Site click Customize in the top bar.
This will take you the SmugMug customize area where you easily build your website. 

Step 4. Find Design Settings

Next once you are in the customize area for a SmugMug website look in the top again for Design Settings. 
Click on the Design Settings button.

Step 5. Switch off the SmugMug header

In the Design Settings box switch off the SmugMug header. This will remove the SmugMug logo from the top of your SmugMug website.

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