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A fully insured all breed professional dog grooming salon based at Tansley in the Matlock area of Derbyshire. Working on a one to one basis with your dog. Gundog and Setter specialist groomer with over 25 years experience I have groomed many dogs from family pets to Crufts winning show dogs.

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pet grooming Chesterfield
pet grooming Chesterfield
Gundog Pet Grooming Matlock
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pet groomers Matlock

Dog Grooming Services


Pet grooming Matlock clipping styling

Prices starting from £40

Show trim, show style grooming, grooming to the recognised style for your breed they are all the same. This service is for all breeds, the pet dog who’s owners would like their dog to resemble the breed which they own. For this service your dogs coat should be in reasonable condition example matt free, a few knots can be untangled but for a matted coat this service is not possible at the first appointment.
The Cocker Spaniel is an example of a show trim, the dog is not a show dog (he does not go to shows), but resembles breed type and looks like a Cocker Spaniel.



This is completely different to the show trim service as above. This service is for show dogs, dogs which are shown in the ring at dog shows example Crufts. It requires a lot of coat maintenance and hard work to have a dog looking its best for the show ring.

From January 2019 this service will only be available to English Setters. For the English Setter owner who is a novice groomer, new to the breed who just needs some help and advise getting started or the owner who is not confident at presenting their dog for a show. Included in this service will be some help on handling your dog for the ring as the two go hand in hand.


puppy pet grooming Matlock

Prices starting from £25

 The price includes a puppy trim, bath with puppy shampoo, blow dry, nails cut & pet perfume.


Dog grooming services Matlock

Prices starting from £35

A tidy up, de-shed the hairs, a trim or clip for your pet dog, a short cut, manageable style or even the shave off. Includes a bath, blow dry, a nail trim and ear check plus pet perfume.

Nail cutting available from £10

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Pet grooming Matlock | K9 Dog Grooming By Rebecca Goutorbe
Pet Grooming Matlock Derbyshire K9 Dog Grooming By Rebecca Goutorbe

Just a bath?

It is amazing how a bath and a good brush can transform a dog.
Price’s start at £20 for a small dog, for a Labrador sized dog with a short coat the price start’s from £28. This include’s a blow dry, nail cutting and pet perfume.