K9 Hydrobath Professional Dog Bath

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k9 hydrobath

Dog Groomimg hydrobath

With the latest technology the revolutionary ‘hydrobath pro’ provides a luxury spa experience for your dog.
Not only does it relax and pamper your dog with its massaging effect. It can also provide health benefits and promote the well-being of your dog.

The hydro-combing action of the spray head will help to stimulate the skin, in turn providing a therapeutic massage for your dog. Allowing for better blood circulation, and the relieving of tired muscles. Which is especially good for the older dog or those with muscular injuries.

Dog bath with water tank

The Hydrobath holds 50 litres of water in the water tank at the perfect temperature for your dog.
A high volume mix of shampoo and water from the powerful shower head penetrates the coat getting right to the skin. This helps remove any dry dead skin cells and other materials that can be hard to get rid of. Which creates full deep coat penetration. 

Pro dog hydrobath

The pro dog Hydrobath from Redcape is especially good for dogs with longer and thicker coats providing superior bathing and cleansing.
At K9 the bath has a removable door which makes the bath much easier to access for the larger breeds.
For the smaller breeds there is a ‘Small Dog Rinser’ which is a platform to raise them up so the bath is not so overwhelming.

There is more information about the professional dog bath from Redcape in the  Redcape Hydrobath review 

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professional dog bath
professional dog bath
dog bath
k9 hydrobath
k9 hydrobath


Over the years I have tried and tested many shampoos, conditioners and dog grooming products on my dogs and others.
I keep a range of different high quality shampoos and products including Wahl, Groomers, Simbae, Requal and Plush Puppy.
All the shampoos serve a different purpose.

This will be discussed at your grooming appointment to ascertain which one will suit and complement your dogs coat and skin condition.

A range of pet shampoo and conditioner made with natural and soothing ingredients including Simbae’s Sensitive Skin. Specially formulated for dogs and cats with tender and easily irritated skin.
The sensitive skin shampoo is a mild and pH balanced solution which contains natural skin healing and pain relieving extracts, of Comfrey, Chamomile, Honey, Vitamin E and Aloe Vera.
With natural ingredients for cleaner and healthier fabulous coats. Simbae’s range of shampoo and conditioner’s are specially designed to spoil your pets.

Dogs groomed at K9 Dog Grooming using Simbae pet grooming products

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Simbae's Fabulous Fur Shampoo & Leave In Long Haired Conditioner

The Cocker Spaniel was bathed in the hydrobath with Simbae’s Fabulous fur Shampoo.
Before drying the Simbae Leave In Longhaired Conditioner was sprayed onto the the feather’s of the coat with extra conditioner added to the long silky ears.

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Simbae's Fabulous Fur Shampoo

The Belgian Shepherd dog was washed in Simbae Fabulous Fur Shampoo, ready for a good de shed of the hairs with the hair dryer.

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Would you like to make an appointment for a bath?

It is amazing how a bath and a good brush can transform a dog.
Price’s start at £20 for a small dog, for a Labrador sized dog with a short coat the price start’s from £30. The price include’s a blow dry, nail cutting and pet perfume.

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