Gift Ideas For Dog Lovers

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What to get someone who loves dogs?

Are you wondering what to buy as a gift for your friend, partner, Husband or Wife who loves dogs. It seems a really easy task, if they love their dog then buy something for the dog. Just think about it though because someone who really loves their dog or their dogs has usually spent all the money they have on the dog. They buy the fancy food which costs a fortune each month, the posh dog bed, dog toys, the list is endless. Dog owners will have dog insurance to pay for plus the dog grooming bill if they use a dog groomer. A lot of pet owners will pay more for the dogs hair cut than they do their own hair and the dog will visit the dog groomers more than the owner does the hairdressers. Buying something which is related to dogs for the owner of the dog would be a much better gift, I know I would prefer this.

Take a look at the list below of my 5 best gift ideas for dog owners which any dog lover I’m sure would be happy with.

5. A Classic pair of Hunter Wellies

Every dog owner needs a pair of wellies for those muddy dog walks and what better gift for a dog lover’s feet than a pair of classic Hunter wellies.

4. Gift Voucher for a dog photo shoot

A gift voucher for a dog photo shoot is a winner for a dog lover, I can tell you that from past experience. I will just add this not a plug for my own dog photography gift vouchers because they are not available at present, due to Covid. There are some great dog photographers all over the country and they too will offer gift vouchers. The owner of the dog can usually be in the photo’s as well with their dog which is great. They get the chance to dress up and get out of their ‘dog clothes’ for the photo shoot and they usually make a ‘day out’ of the whole experience, especially if the voucher was bought as a Birthday present.
Dog owners will be able to get high quality photo’s of their dog which will create memories which will last forever. A great gift for any dog lover. 

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3. Unlimited photo storage

 Trust me any dog lover takes and has hundreds of photo’s of their dog, whether they are taken on a phone or digital camera.
SmugMug is a photo website company, but SmugMug is not just a website for photographers. Within all the SmugMug plans they offer unlimited secure photo storage it’s a bit like a UBS (the little memeory stick thing you can buy) but online and the memory size is unlimited. So all those hundreds of photo’s of the dogs can be securely stored and accessed online and on your phone through the SmugMug app. You can change the settings on photo galleries easily to private if you like. You can create a portfolio to display your photos if you like too. You can order your own photo products and prints through the account and you can even sell photo’s online with the the top plans. You don’t need to use the account as a ‘website’ either if you just want the unlimited secure photo storage. 
This is great gift for a dog lover and also for dog photographer’s just starting out.

You can read my review about SmugMug for more information which is on my Dog Photography website

 SmugMug let you try it out free for 14 days to see what they have to offer. 

2. Claudio Lugli Clothing

A fantastic gift for dog owners who want to stand out and make a statement has got to be clothing from Claudio Lugli, The Italian Designer shirts they do jackets too. Perfect dog show outfit for Crufts sorted. The quality of the clothing is just stunning, the shirts have unique patterns including animals, dogs, deer and pheasants. What is even better is that there is a limited amount of each shirt and new shirt designs are added all the time to Claudio’s collection.  Claudio Lugli clothing is for both Ladies and Men. 
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1. Dubarry Boots

You will be in any dog lovers good books if you buy a pair of Dubarry boots as a gift that is for sure. At CHO Fashion& Lifestyle you can buy the outdoor country wear designer names such as Dubarry, Barbour & Hunter but they also sell a huge range of other designer labels in fact it is about 90 different other brands. Take a look yourself
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