Opening of K9 Dog Grooming By Rebecca Goutorbe - Matlock - Derbyshire - K9 Dog Grooming By Rebecca Goutorbe

The Opening of K9 Dog Grooming By Rebecca Goutorbe

1st September 2018

Well here we are into September already, the new pet grooming business has taken off well but the room didn't always look this way. It took about 3 weeks of painting and preparing to get my grooming room exactly how I imaged it to be. 

Once I had found the perfect location for my dog grooming business to be run from I went straight out and got the paint, ordered the large photographic prints of my own dogs and got the Hydrobath Pro Ultra on order the ultimate dog washing machine. 

I started with a blank canvas in the room, painted all the walls white, but I had in mind for the back wall to be painted brown, so once the grooming had taken off I could use the room as a studio area too for my love of dog photography. When I told my Mum I was painting the wall brown I got heaps of text saying "DONT DO IT!! what about this colour, or that colour" she said "Trust me" I said, "I like brown and I know what I have in mind it will look great too" I said.

Next up was the flooring I wanted a wooden look, got the floor ordered and got in touch with Alan Markham to expertly fit the floor and what a great job he did.

Then it was time for the photos to go up, this was a job for my Sister. She arrived with the sprit level and a tape measure, I love a perfectionist. Got the head shot of Gertie up the K9 sign and my Bobby Dazzler in the autumn colours all along the main wall, I was so pleased, they look great as you walk into the room.

My Mum came up with her drill, to get the clock and blind up. Mini me her little Yorkshire Terrier had to come too of course, Gertie my English Setter was not too sure at all about Mini me, Gertie has not had much do with little dogs but I think Mini Me put her in her place.

The Chesterfield Arm Chair

The room was starting to take shape and my vision was coming together, next the chair arrived! my beautiful Chesterfield arm chair covered with tan leather OMG it is so lovely, comfy too. I have so many ideas about this chair.... Jack did too.

It was starting to get close to the official opening date of the 1st August and I still had no bath, the Hydrobath Pro Ultra are custom made, the suppliers said it would take a while but now I was beginning to panic I really wanted to open on the 1st.

31st July the Hydrobath arrived!!!! and it was so worth the wait, the amazing dog wash machine was here and it looked great too. Redcape the suppliers of the bath were really unsure when I said which colour I wanted the bath, if fact they didn't do that colour it was a colour they had to order in.

Once Redcape saw the photo of the bath in the grooming room which I sent to them the reply was "yes that looks amazing I get the colour now".

1st August and my dog grooming parlour at Tansley Matlock was ready to open, brilliant.

I had a trial run with Hydrobath and my own dog Travis the English Setter and we were officially open.

The first client in the salon was Maddie the little Jackapoo, she had never been groomed before and she was a little star. A grooming transformation too.

August was a busy first month in the grooming salon, below is a video slideshow of some of the clients which came to be groomed in the first month of opening.

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