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Chatswoof at Chatsworth House Bakewell Derbyshire

The Dog exhibition at Chatsworth we have seen it, have you?

From March until October at Chatsworth House they are celebrating the dog by having an exhibition throughout the house of around 200 objects and paintings of dogs or dog themed items lent by a variety of people including  Her Majesty The Queen and The Kennel Club. It really is an interesting exhibition to walk around, we have been twice into the house already to see the exhibition.

I have a Chatsworth membership card which is great because I can go whenever I like, it's also good if you have a young child like I do, because at Chatsworth there is always something to do or see there and you can take your dogs although they are not aloud in the house but are fine to be taken into the garden on a lead.

My favourite room in the house has to be the painted hall it is just amazing, and at the top of the 'Great Stairs' as part of the exhibition is the Poodle part of a private collection made from polychromed wood by Jeff Koons 1991 it is stunning.

One Saturday morning last month (April) I took Travis one of my English Setters for a quick tidy up and trim to the grooming salon at Tansley Matlock, then off into the garden at Chatsworth to get a nice photo of him amongst the daffodils. Whilst I was trying to take the photo him a group of people came past said "hey look at that dog statue" another said "its not a statue" again "it is" then Travis moved "OMG its a real dog" they said. It did make me laugh, it seems at the moment when you visit Chatsworth people are just on the look out for DOGS.

English Setter Travis at Chatsworth House Bakewell Derbyshire UK <br />
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Pictured here below is Jack my Son, Gertie my English Setter and myself this was the first day Chatsworth opened for the year and again I was stopped and asked if Gertie this time was part of the exhibition,  "no sorry she's not I said" "can we have a photo of her still please she is beautiful"  

Chatsworth a great place to visit and if your are travelling a distance for your dog grooming appointment which a lot of the Setter and Spaniel owners are doing, you could take an early appointment around 9.15 then once your dog is groomed head off to Chatsworth the garden opens at 11am, what a great place to take your posh dog. 

Here is the link for tickets and more information about Chatsworth

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